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19-04-2007 11:38:35

Hi Alan,

I'm completing the offer for the 360 Elite. I am a student at a university, and I believe that our university maps all network computers to the same external IP. Does this mean that none of my friends can sign up for an offer even if they are all different people with different residential addresses? I know that this is a special case but it seems rather absurd. The IP address will resolve to a university DNS so can a problem here be avoided?

Thanks for your help,


19-04-2007 13:07:50

Hi Neo. I don't work for Trainn in any way, but I offer you this ... while a Trainn rep. does exist on the forums, you will get a faster response if you either
1. Open a Support Ticket directly on the site, or
2. Send an email= to to

Hope you get your answer soon.


19-04-2007 14:39:56

be advised that both myself and a coworker had our accounts closed because we accessed our accounts from our office. different computers...same external ip. i'm still waiting to hear back about this.


19-04-2007 14:41:06

yeah that's why i'm trying to get this cleared up before they even sign up for me.. i submitted a support ticket about it too just so it's on record on my account


27-04-2007 19:42:37

did you ever find out?


28-04-2007 12:01:41

they told me they would be able to differentiate as long as the signups used their personal computers on the network and not a public use computer. So hopefully I don't run into any problems.


01-05-2007 19:28:07

once u find out pm me or reply the answer here, ill be at college soon