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18-04-2007 08:10:18

hi everyone...this forum seems to be pretty knowledgeable about the trainn sites so i'm hoping someone can help me out.

a week or so ago i signed up for, did some offers and was paid very quickly. i thought, "wow...this is a great site and i want to refer my friends". i changed my points account to a referral account and referred some friends, one of whom is a woman i work and share an office with. She did some offers yesterday and redeemed her points for the reward.

here's the problem...both of our accounts were canceled today! We have both emailed them and the only response she has gotten is
"Your account was closed as multiple users have created and pursued
(completed offers AND/OR obtain referrals on) their account from the same location as yourself."

this is ridiculous...i created my account and completed all offers from my house. she signed up as my referral and completed her offers from our office. The only thing that could possible be wrong is that i logged into my account from my work computer to check my status and get my referral link for her (from a different computer). I never completed any offers on my account from my work computer though.

I haven't heard back from them yet, but we are more than willing to provide any proof necessary to prove we are 2 different people. At this point i don't even care if my account stays closed, i only had 2 referrals anyway, but my coworker is pretty pissed at me because i told her how easy and great this company was and now she feels like shes wasted her time and money.

anyone have any advice? thanks for your time.


18-04-2007 09:14:26

Thats your problem right there. Your work will output ONE ip address. If you checked your account at work, your account will show that ip. If your co worker loggs into her account at work, it will match your ip as well. Causing a hold.


18-04-2007 09:20:45

I figured that is probably the problem, but is there anyway to get the account reopened? We can easily prove we are two different people with 2 separate accounts and addresses. We are not trying to rip off anyone or break any tos. Like i said, i don't even really care about my account...especially if referrals are gonna cause this kind of problem, but i feel terrible about my coworker. i kinda talked her into doing it and now she's wasted her time and money.


18-04-2007 09:29:58

I was under the impression that Trainn wasn't all that strict about status checks from multiple/shared IP's. As long as you didn't create the accounts, or complete offers against the accounts, from a shared IP then I'd be surprised if a simple status check would be the reason.

Some sites ARE that strict, but Trainn typically hasn't been AFAIK.

Have you submitted follow-up support tickets explaining the situation? Perhaps Alan will see this and provide his input on the scenario you describe, although their policy is not to handle individual account issues on the forums.


18-04-2007 10:09:25

This is the first trainn site i've done, but apparently they are pretty strict. I mean..that's understandable, if not, people could easily create multiple accounts and abuse it. But we played by the rules (or so I thought) and were canceled. The accounts were created and offers completed at different locations (mine at home and hers at the office).

We've both emailed them, but can't submit a support ticket because our accounts were canceled.


18-04-2007 14:58:38

[quote3828f2bffb="dmorris68"]Perhaps Alan will see this and provide his input on the scenario you describe[/quote3828f2bffb]

I hope so...I really don't see how my situation is different than this thread[=http//]this thread which is a posted a few threads down. Just logging in is fine. ??


19-04-2007 08:55:53

Any update?


19-04-2007 09:09:14

[quoteff55a6406c="O4F-Manofice"]Any update?[/quoteff55a6406c]

Nope. The auto-reply I received yesterday said to allow 2 business days for a reply. I am hoping to hear something today. I really want this taken care of.


20-04-2007 05:31:07

They just replied that they are allowing us to go through an appeals process and send out IDs as proof. Great! )


20-04-2007 05:45:42

Good news Adam...... Train is an awesome site! Check out my sig... obviously I like train sites!


21-04-2007 06:48:59

Update My account was reopened last night and everything is ok. )


21-04-2007 12:29:06

Sounds good! Trainns the best, thats why I've done like 4-5 of their sites.