Trainn Offers

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17-04-2007 19:46:39

Ah...No More more GE Critics choice entertainment...What are happening to these offers? In the future, there won't be cool offers for referrals to complete that were so easy.. cry


17-04-2007 20:09:45

People are scamming them, since they are so "easy" as you said ... sadly, this happens from time to time. And yes, it will mean that future referrals will have to find more expensive offers to do.

People scam. Everyone loses.


17-04-2007 20:28:28

GE didnt credit for me when i tried, but usually im doing a trade andlike to green quick so i didnt even bother with the manual. It sucks that there less expensive offers are going down, but thats the price you pay sometimes. Everyone loses when people fraud.

Speaking of which, my acct was reviewded and one of my refs went red evil But on the bright side the 4 business days is very reliable.


18-04-2007 09:51:39

Oh wow, glad I finished the Trainn sites early when they still offered them. Bargain and GE were two great offers for their sites.