Different email accounts OK?

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12-04-2007 09:41:39

I don't mean Multiple accounts. I have signed up to 4 Trainn accounts using my Hotmail address, but I want to quit using this email account altogether.

I want to sign up to flashipods using my gmail account and want to make sure thats OK. Of course My mailing address and IP address is still the same, I only want to use a different email.


12-04-2007 10:32:41

That should be fine.


12-04-2007 11:30:53

Yeah, you'd be ok with that...I was in the same situation a while ago, using my hotmail, then switched to gmail...
It's no problem, in fact, you can change your email that you log in with on the 4 sites you're registered to via like the info area,this way you can use your gmail on those sites too.


12-04-2007 15:16:34

They're right, it's fine.