Missing Credit?

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11-04-2007 14:53:29

I filed 3 missing credit reports 2 Friday's ago, this means today is the 7th day out of the 10 business days. I was just wondering once this Friday comes along, how will i know if i got the credit? Will TRAIN send me an email? Or is 10 business days simply a estimate and may take longer? Thanks for the help.


12-04-2007 15:18:33

Once we receive word, your account will either be credited (which you will receive an email for) or the missing credit request status will be changed to "Rejected - __" which would be the reason why it was rejected.



26-04-2007 20:03:31

How long does this usually take?


27-04-2007 00:00:35

I think it could potentially go the length of the full 10 business days. My ref got his done in a little less but it probably fluctuates as it's not really up to Trainn.


28-04-2007 10:36:01

Yea, its been 11 days. -(


30-04-2007 00:35:33

I submitted on April 14th. Still no word back.


01-05-2007 12:09:57

April 17th here.


01-05-2007 13:46:25

It can take up to...well actually forever. The 30 day period is just when most are filled.

I have a credit on two sites (ZPT & OC4F), waiting credit since 2/4/07. Almost 3 freaking months (


01-05-2007 19:25:53

So Alan its 30 days?


06-05-2007 12:11:16

Well, one of my ref's on 3604free did Stamps.com on 4/11 and submitted the missing credit report on 4/19. He submitted the report with his order confirmation email that proves he signed up for the service. That means 11 business have elapsed since the missing credit report, and there has still been no response. How long can it take to check if somebody with an email address has signed up??