No recognized account at 500.free4me

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09-04-2007 09:07:16

I am hoping someone will help me. I don't even know if is a TRAINN site or not, but I have been working on it for 3 months and am just waiting for my last referral to green and today when I logged on it doesn't recognize my e-mail address! Does anyone know who I contact or how I straighten it out?


09-04-2007 09:48:20

Wrong board, Free4me is a different network. I'd email them through their contact us page.


09-04-2007 16:43:12

Thanks - I saw that right after I posted this, but don't know if there is a way to remove my post!


10-04-2007 04:56:56

If you caught it right away, you should have had a "delete" button on the right side. I think it goes away after someone views it.