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08-04-2007 10:23:49

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to put this out here in case anyone has any suggestions or can help me out. I am very new to this whole trading thing, I really only started less than two weeks ago.....anyway I have recently come to an issue with yournintendowii4free, and I have PMed a TRAINN rep on this forum........I'd like to provide a copy of the PM here so that you may all understand what my situation is and mabe provide me with some advice. I have blocked out personal information to protect my privacy.


Hi there,

My name is Andrew and I have a big concern I would like to share with you regaring your sites.....

I signed up for yournintendowii4free on April 1 using the email= address address, and by April 3rd I completed everything I needed to complete. Then I submitted for review and found that two people that I referred went red. I then found out from the person who referred me that I was told that I had violated your terms and conditions because I had apparently signed up for multiple accounts. I would like to clear this matter up. One of the people I referred is a personal friend of mine. I live in Florida and she is From Pennsylvania. She came down to visit me for spring break and I made a referral to her. She signed up under me at my house, but it was with her own laptop and she registered with her own address. Her email= is is I now understand that you trace IP addresses which is why I am being accused of opening up multiple accounts, but I am willing to provide copies of both of our valid driver's licenses with our addresses so that you can match them to our individual accounts. And right now I don't understand what's going on because when she tries to sign on to her account now she gets a message that says "Your account has been closed for violating our Terms and Conditions." And when I try to log into mine, it just says "The email and password combination is invalid. Please try again."

I am very new to this whole referring process and I have also signed up for and, and I do not want to lose those accounts also because of this misunderstanding. I would really appreciate it if you or someone could investigate this issue and see if we can resolve this. I am willing to do whatever it takes to clear my name.

Thank you very much,



and also on a side note, I referred her to 2 other sites (apple.v-bux and freegamegear) also..........I definately do not want to lose all of these sites because of this mistake. I know the terms and conditions say 1 account per household, but she is not a part of my household.....I'd really appreciate any feedback, comments, suggestions, ect that would help me out with this issue.

Thanks everyone!



08-04-2007 10:45:08

It says "1 per household" not to imply simply that 1 family member can have one, but rather that only 1 person can sign up from one location. Just because she isn't a member of your household doesn't mean that gives her the ability to sign up at your house as a referral for you.

I can see how it is an honest mistake, but I think you might find some difficulty in getting your account(s) of hold. However, it has happened before, so I wish you the best of luck ).


08-04-2007 11:08:31

Well, you said you also referred her on two other sites. Were these also from your house? If so, you might want to go ahead and open a support ticket and start explaining...