How to determine if someone has gone red

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05-04-2007 22:56:17

Do we have to wait to get all referrals and wait for approval to find out if someone has gone red? I have a bunch of random people who signed up under my referral link and they're providing credit, but how do I find out if their credit is invalid before I place an order?


05-04-2007 23:01:21

you have to wait. There are other networks right now that will verify greens for every support ticket you open,but they dont compare to Trainn's 50/ref ratio for easy full credit offers.


06-04-2007 00:32:06

In short, if someone does something severe, their accounts wont be active for long.

Without going into details that could encourage or provide tips to bad traders or those looking to scam other users, some things are caught within moments of it occurring while others may not be found until an account is thoroughly reviewed.

If there is significant suspicion like a thread here or of similar nature claiming someone is causing problems on other of sites, we will gladly check them beforehand for you, but, checking each on a referral by referral basis is not possible until the account has been submitted for review.


07-04-2007 11:01:44

Okay. I have finally submitted for review. Hope I get no reds.


07-04-2007 12:06:58

Where did you get your "random greens"?


07-04-2007 16:41:41

Youtube. P

But after 6 months they decided to remove my video. Don't know why since there are dozens of such videos on youtube.