Getting a green while in the approval phase?

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04-04-2007 22:48:44

Alright, so I finished Wii.Trainn with 6 greens and requested approval on 3/30. Now I have another friend who could sign up for me, bringing my total to 7 greens, and getting me the Platinum Package. If he signs up while in the approval stage, do I have to go through approval again for just his green? Or, lets say someone goes red on my account, but I get another guy to go green during my approval process, can I still get the 6 green bundle, or would I have to go through approval again?


05-04-2007 04:42:13

My suggestion would be to PM the Trainn rep here or open a support ticket (quickly).


05-04-2007 11:18:09

I've been in this situation before, when I figured my last green would come in a few days I requested approval, the last one greened a day before I was approved, all were approved, and I was able to order the prize that needed that extra ref.


05-04-2007 11:38:09

yea, its no problem as long as he/she greens before your approved.

You should pm a Trainn rep here because they probably will not respond.


05-04-2007 18:45:56