Help... problems signing up...

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04-04-2007 14:26:46

The site won't let me sign up and I am trying to get someones referal done.... help please I am at my wits end...



04-04-2007 14:37:56

Please elaborate...


04-04-2007 15:02:26

I haven't had any problem with some of the sites in the network... but the 3604free site won't let me sign up. When I get to the site, I put in my email like it asks, then it goes to the info page and it just won't load. I have done one of their site since the problem, and then tried this one again... but it just won't work. lisighsli



04-04-2007 15:58:07

I assume you are clearing all your cookies frequently (I assume this given who your mother is )).

Maybe the signup feature is down at the moment. Try again in a few hours.


04-04-2007 16:12:08

Yea... I delete cookies after every offer and site I do. ^.^ (what do you know... another person who knows my mother... lol. She is so popular... lol)

I have been giving it about 1/2 and hour and then trying again to see if it will load... no such luck yet.