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01-04-2007 00:14:06

Yournintendowii4free.com I filed for approval one time only to find out one of my people went red. Luckily they refunded my money. Now i got another green and filed for approval only to get ANOTHER RED!!!!

I just sent a pm to the individual who went red (who has a TR of 44 btw) and am hoping for my money back.

Honestly last time i waited 12 days only to find out on the last day of approval that someone went red...now let me guess if i get another person to go green theyll go red to? Anything for me not to get my reward? This is so frustrating. Am i doing something wrong? I mean honestly... ?

Sorry for venting im just a little annoyed because i found out one my offers ended up costing me $99.99 and i had to send the product back which i did (and it cost me anotehr $15 s/h) and im praying that theyll refund me the $99.99 when they receive it cry


01-04-2007 18:42:44

So it's TRAINN's fault that
1) Your refs went red
2) You signed up for something which you weren't really interested in
3) USPS/UPS/Fedex Charges for shipping.


01-04-2007 22:10:31

Yeah, I have to agree with darkscout. Trainn has nothing to do with this. I'm sorry that it hasn't been working out well for you though (


03-04-2007 07:42:15

Yeah, trainn is fine, it's not their fault your ref's offer reversed or they had multiple accounts, it's all in the TOS. We're lucky they aren't like I-Deal where when a ref goes red you get DQ'd completly too.