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31-03-2007 17:41:46

I just submitted my Wii for approval, and I am going for the Gold Bundle. What is the shipping wait on these things? Does Trainn carry these, because aren't they kinda hard to come by anyway? I also got a game of my choice, but how do I choose the game?


31-03-2007 20:43:35

You choose the game in the ordering process (after approval) - there is a place you can input information.

Don't know if they are currently shipping Wii s or if they are on backorder..............



31-03-2007 22:59:20

check the a4f thread. Wii's are backordered, but Trainn has been the best at getting them somehow compared to other sites.

When placing your order there is a notes sections. Thats where you tell them your payal or game of your choice. If you already placed your order and didnt tell them...then you have to submit a support ticket.