FlashiPods4Free - iPod shuffle colors?

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29-03-2007 17:53:07

I put in order in for an iPod shuffle a couple days ago, my first Trainn freebie!

I noticed that they allow you to order a different color iPod nano in the "Special instructions" section of the order form, but is this the same with the iPod shuffle even though they don't say this?

I'd really like a green iPod shuffle, so I requested one in the special instructions field just in case, but does anyone know if they will honr this request?

oh, and I know my order says my shuffle isn't supposed to be shipped for a couple weeks, but how fast is Trainn shipping these days?


29-03-2007 21:52:00

If you have requested a green one, you will receive it.

As far as part two of your question, all orders for physical gifts (sans Wii and PS3) were filled earlier today.