When your referals chose to do Do it yourself method

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29-03-2007 11:43:33

What if I had a referal sign up and they picked the account type where they get their own points to get the prize?

How many points will they have to get for me to get credit for them? (Like them going green for me)

Thank you!


29-03-2007 11:53:09

50 I think? I could be wrong.


29-03-2007 13:04:44

for trainn sites its' 50pts for all the sites but flashipods4free which is 125pts. Don't ask me why that is.


29-03-2007 13:15:01

It's 50 points (or the equivalent of 1 Level A offer) for all site except FlashiPods4free.com where it is 125 points.

For clarification though, even though FlashiPods4free.com requires 125 points, the values of the offers are the same as something worth 50 on our other sites is worth 125 points on FlashiPods4free.