Manual credit takes FOREVER!

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26-03-2007 09:19:49

ID Offer Name Date Status
7596 March 11, 2007 Received

So I tried completeting an offer for another user for cash, he would have paid me extra if I greened within 24 hours, so I tried the stamps offer because it was "instant." I deleting cookies, ect. Downloaded installed program, and ran the program, even purchased postage..

But, wouldn't credit me, and I had to wait 7 days to even submit for manual credit, and now I have had to wait 15+ days for my manual credit request.

Sorry, i thought trainn had great customer support? I feel so bad for making this user wait almost a month, I was his last green..


26-03-2007 09:22:20

Manual credit does take forever!


26-03-2007 10:45:11

Haha, don't worry about it. I've never seen Trainn deny a manual request, you should get it withini 14 business days(probably gonna be the last day, but still).


26-03-2007 10:48:27

They do take a while but they normally come through. Just be patient.


26-03-2007 11:18:25

[quotef8d7a362f0="Excel"]Haha, don't worry about it. I've never seen Trainn deny a manual request, you should get it withini 14 business days(probably gonna be the last day, but still).[/quotef8d7a362f0]

I've actually had one request denied. It was a long long time ago. Back when there were a few good reliable freebie sites and trainn was the best. I did a offer and never got credit. I was denied manual credit and I was told to contact the affiliate so I did and they told me to contact the site I did the offer for and it just kept going on and on in circles until I gave up and did another offer.


26-03-2007 12:53:40

All valid requests from the 11th have already been resolved so if you haven't received credit, it is likely you did not submit the proper information (full welcome email and headers). You can go ahead and submit an email or support ticket and we'll let you know what's up.



26-03-2007 14:10:59

Trainn credited me for 2 manual credit requests a little while back, it just takes some time to get the verification I guess. It still is the best network around and is very reliable.


26-03-2007 16:23:08

I have submitted a support ticket, although my manual credit request included the original e-mail and headers from


27-03-2007 16:50:08

I hope when you submitted the manual credit request, you were using full headers and not just the standard one.


29-03-2007 14:24:25

I think Stamps usually takes a little longer to verify than other offers. I had to submit for manual credit on it also. Heck, it was one of the first offes I did, and I didn't even include the Full headers and I got my credit. They are slow, but fair and reliable.

I've had manual credit requests at "other" sites, that were basically just plain ignored. Several support tickets later, they just say Tough Luck, it's out of our hands, etc. I wont mention any names... evil


29-03-2007 20:36:08

Well they are getting it taken care of, I submitted a support ticket.