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24-03-2007 19:15:09

Hi, i was wondering if anyone did yournintendowii4free know any REAL instant offers. I know some offers say they are instant, and i finished them, but i still haven't received the credit. Just looking for opinions on whether which ones really are instant. So far i have done, Grant mentor, Privacy Matters, Shopping essentials +, Simply You,,, Today's escape. Thank you.


25-03-2007 07:54:53

Every instant offer I have done for Trainn sites have always credited instantly. I hope you're not using IE7.0 as I've heard there are significant problems with crediting on that browser.


25-03-2007 09:25:34

The trainn sites have all been super fast for me as well.

I love this network. Best of luck


25-03-2007 10:28:23

Darn, i was using IE7.0. That could be why, thanks for input.


25-03-2007 10:58:17

Read this guide on offers crediting