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23-03-2007 22:29:15

I was doing yournintendowii4free and was signing up the offers. Several offers i signed up for, seemed like different websites, they offered different offers such as, but are all under the same management I signed up for the websites, and received errors saying that i can't register because i already registered on previous website with However, as i was looking at my credit card balance, i notcied that i may have been charged for the processing fee even though my application didn't go through and i received no credit. What should i do? Thank you.


24-03-2007 00:28:08

Yeah they should clear this up because signing up for Bargain Homes and HudHomes can look like offer fraud.


24-03-2007 02:37:54

Yea thats why try to do only one of them, i only did and stayed away from the other offers to from bargain to avoid any problems.


24-03-2007 11:09:05

Ah i see, thanks for the input. But as i was checking my account balance, i see being charged by savingsmart and quite a few times. Does anyone know what websites they own?


24-03-2007 15:50:27

If you read the TOS on alot of sites, you are agreeing to a "bonus" membership in SavingSmart also. If you don't want it, you have to call a different numer.

It pays to read EVERYTHING carefully.