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23-03-2007 18:27:47

I am almost finished with flashipods, and now want to sign up as a referral for ipodnanos for someone, when I click their link TRAINN wants me to start all over again signing up. I have done mult sites on yourgiftsfree adn customorder and I always just chose existing user with the new referral numbe. Why isn't there that tpye of option for TRAINN. I tried to use my same password and they want me to choose another. Shouldn't I be using the same e-mail and password as on flashipods? Or do I need to use a new password?
I hope this question is stated correctly so you know what I mean.


23-03-2007 19:12:03

The TraInn sites I have done, I have always used the same email and password, and have never had a problem with it.

I don't remember them ever offering an existing user option.



23-03-2007 19:20:03

there is none...they're all ''Separate'' companies technically, thats why you don't have to do a w9


23-03-2007 19:28:37

I see the problem, my password on flashipods is 10 characters long - when I enter the same password it keeps telling me 6-8 character long password. If I choose a new password I am concerned that it will look like multiple accounts for the same person. I am not sure how to get around that. I hope TRAINN Alen opens my support ticket or sees this post soon. In the meantime any ideas?


23-03-2007 19:32:15

it doesn't matter, your password....


23-03-2007 20:06:12

Condra...Really on the W9? For some reason I was thinking that was the only drawback to the trainn sites -that they weren't operating seperately so revenue on all sites are lumped together.


23-03-2007 20:09:13

no, you dont need a w9 when you are doing trainn, if each site doesn't reach 600.. D


25-03-2007 11:22:35

Support says use new passwod -
I was able to dign in using a shorter password - all good!