shipping dates

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20-03-2007 21:04:16

hey I ordered a payapl over the weekend and was expecting to have it ship on tuesday (today). I havent been into these sites for about a year but when I used to do trainn sites I think they shipped tuesday/friday. Is that still how it works?


20-03-2007 22:45:21

They actually ship on Wednesdays and Saturdays now.


21-03-2007 01:01:39

The Paypal payment schedule is still the same as it was when we first introduced it in July of 2005. Paypal payments are issued each and every Late Tuesday night/Early Wednesday morning and Late Friday Night/Early Saturday morning.


21-03-2007 08:52:26

yep, I saw that I was paid when I got up this morning

Thanks Trainn, quick and great as always!