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19-03-2007 19:26:49

I'm looking at the PS2 w/ 2 games. Will I have to go through a W9 for this or does TRAINN try to stay away from this? Thanks!


19-03-2007 19:35:00

is the cash equivalent under 600?


19-03-2007 19:36:33

For a PS2 with two games, no. You shouldn't need to get a W-9 to Traiin, even if you do. You can easy prove to the IRS that its not worth that much and therefore don't have to be taxed by it when you file next year.


19-03-2007 19:47:18

With trainn as long as the value of any gift is less than $600 then you do not need to fill out a W-9.

On other networks if the total amount of all the gifts that you get on the network is over $600 when you will need to fill out a W-9.