experienced 3604free users help

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19-03-2007 14:50:19

hey. First post here. I just got approved for my free 360 form 3604free.com

It says estimated shipping date is April 2nd, yet I have heard that it could be much much earlier. Can anybody with experience with 3604free or any TraInn site tell me about their waiting period for shipping?


19-03-2007 16:25:00

nobody...??? what's the usual timeline from "received" to "shipped"?


19-03-2007 17:47:16

All i can tell you is be patient, you'll get it very soon.


19-03-2007 18:44:25

It varies. They may ship before...they may not.


21-03-2007 23:17:36

usually around a week until they ship...thats how long it took my 360 from 3604free to ship


22-03-2007 17:34:03

okay...mine actually shipped out the day after...so that would make it arrive. So, is it plausible for it arrive tomorrow sometime. Doesn't matter anyways, I have to work x

Also, do you have to sign for it...What are your experiences?


22-03-2007 19:33:50

usually have to sign for prizes, that way you can't say you didn't get it....