odd order status

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18-03-2007 15:13:29

hey i just recieved the order status "ATTN REQUIRED - Please Contact". I put in a support ticket about this, so I'm just going to wait for the response. But has anybody else recieved this? Does anybody know what might be going on?


18-03-2007 15:34:23

Never heard of that....


18-03-2007 16:33:50

If you ordered PayPal and you didn't include your paypal email in the comments section, you will get this message. If this is the case, just sent a ticket with your PayPal details.


18-03-2007 21:25:20

i thought that if ur paypal email isnt different from ur account email, then u dont have to write anything in the comments section


18-03-2007 23:28:22

Yes, me and my friends have gotten that msg before. Usually if you contact them, they will tell you the specific problem they're having. In my case, it was b/c my paypal address was different than my email and that they weren't sure if I wanted a check or paypal. In my friend's case, they needed his paypal account to be verified. But as I stated before, they'll tell u what's up in their reply to you.


19-03-2007 19:47:04

okay so they did reply and it is because my paypal isnt verified. So i added my credit card, is this enough?


19-03-2007 19:57:08

no, you also need a bank account linked to it...


21-03-2007 18:48:19

okay i added my bank account as well, and yay it worked, i see the trainn payment. hey its uncleared right now tho, cuz its an echeck. does anybody know why they use an echeck vs straight up paypal payments?


23-03-2007 01:04:26

I'm not sure. For 5 of the sites I've done, they've used straight up paypal payments.


23-03-2007 09:06:37

I got an eCheck from them one time (not sure why). It cleared in a few days.