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16-03-2007 00:57:56

Took 11 days to get approval, it's been 17 days since then, it's now the 16th and I was told my gift would be ordered the 14th. I submitted a support ticket earlier on before I was approved and it took 3 days to get a reply, I have had one submitted for 3 days now and no response.

Alan, your sites used to be the best. What's the deal?


16-03-2007 01:25:26

I can't answer for Alan, but I have a good enough perspective where I am about to give you the insight you are probably looking for.

Our approval estimate has always been 5-7 business days. Depending on what days it falls on it call be as little as 6 calendar days or as many as 11 calendar days.

With 60gb Playstation 3 systems, they are not back-ordered, but they aren't available for immediate shipment yet and are taking nearly the full two week estimate, give or take a day or two, to ship.


16-03-2007 01:30:55

so paypal me the cash tonight and I'll have the PS3 tomorrow. Then I wont be so sore about it.



16-03-2007 01:43:30

[quote95692d83ae="hairyferry"]so paypal me the cash tonight and I'll have it tomorrow. Then I wont be so sore about it.


I believe I have located your ticket and have provided you with an updated status.

As far as response time in your original question, as is quite evident with the influx of new users here, most have also made their way to our sites which has resulted in a greater increase in the amount of user support cases and it is now common for us to receive several hundred messages and support tickets a day. We try to keep the reply time to less then 48 hours [such as now where everything up to yesterday, the 15th, has been answered], but there's always situations where that estimate is not possible to hit. Although it is "only" 48 hours, it's still longer then we'd like but, rest assured, it's not going un-noticed or un-attended to.


16-03-2007 01:44:39

yup you did, I replied back. Thanks for looking into it for me.