dvdrecorders4free and yourps34free

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Bryan R

15-03-2007 10:46:59

Why in the world does it take so long to get approved once you have submitted. I submitted dvdrecorders 3 WEEKS AGO (15 business days) today and still have not be approved and I submitted yourps34free 1 WEEK AGO (5 business days) today and still have not be approved. I hate these sites and will not do anymore.

Bryan R


15-03-2007 12:37:57

15 business days is a little long, usually it takes about 6-8 business days. pushing more toward 8. At least for me anyway.


15-03-2007 12:44:52

The oldest unreviewed account is from the 7th so we're way past that. Send us an email or open a ticket and we'll look at your account to see what's up.


Bryan R

15-03-2007 12:46:50

I have sent an email to you and I get a message that it could take 2 business days for a reply.

Bryan R


15-03-2007 17:32:27

Yeah same here. It took 11 days for my account to be approved, and now it's been 15 since I went approved. I have submited 2 tickets, one took 3 days to get an answer, and so far it's been almost 2 days since my last one and still no reply.

Bryan R

15-03-2007 20:14:50

My dvdrecorders4free got approved today, I am sure because I emailed and made this post. Now we will see how long before I get paid for it. Tomorrow will be day 6 waiting on Yourps34free.

Bryan R