I need some advice and help please

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10-03-2007 14:59:22

I was doing the dvd site and when i did one of the offers and went and checked my process to see how many points i still needed i noticed one of the offers credited 2 times. So i opened up a support ticket to inform them of this error. well i went and did more offers so i could get the prize, thinking they would just remove the duplicate offer that credited in error. I cashed out and went to check my account and they have closed my account. I don't know why either . I don't think it had anything to do with the offer crediting twice as i opened a support ticket for that right away to let them know about it. can someone tell me what i can do? I really need that $400


10-03-2007 15:21:46

We can tell when something is registered for twice and when listings are duplicated so that would not have been the reason it was closed.

Please open a support ticket (if you have an account on another of our sites) or send an email and we'll let you know why it was closed.



10-03-2007 15:49:27

I opened a support ticket on that site.