can some one help me here

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07-03-2007 19:58:29

can some one tell me if they are having problems or what i sent for approvel on the 25th and it still shows the same thing saying sent for approvel
$250 Cash
[change item]Account Total 5 referrals
Item Cost 5 referrals
Completed Offer Yes
Your account has been submitted for review on 2.25.07. Accounts are usually reviewed within 5-7 business days of being submitted. Once approved, you may place your order.
this is what it says
i hope this is the right forum for trann sites oops


07-03-2007 20:15:52

I'd ask what site ... but it shouldn't matter. I submitted my account on 3/2 at like 8pm, and was approved and paid 4 hours later.

Not really sure why yours is taking so long, unless something is wrong with your account or with one of your referrals.


07-03-2007 20:28:59

thanks, it was yournintendowii4free, i have opened a support ticket but no reply.


07-03-2007 20:49:40

No idea what to tell you. If your account and your referrals accounts are all good, then there might just be a delay.

I'd wait to hear back from Trainn; there is possibly a backlog of people due to the shortage of wiis, even though you are getting the cash instead.

sandra habina

08-03-2007 04:04:46

I sent my request in on 2/25 and was approved on 3/5 and received paypal on 3/7 Trainn also


08-03-2007 05:46:32

you'll most likely be approved tomorrow morning and receive your payment on Saturday morning D


08-03-2007 18:13:23

thanks for all your help


08-03-2007 18:20:24

yeah figure if it goes 14 [b52ccc32ef7] business days [/b52ccc32ef7] without payment, then u have to worry )


08-03-2007 20:10:06

TRAINN has never approved me that fast, it's taken the full 7 business days each time, which equates to about 10-12 days altogether.


09-03-2007 14:29:02

Ditto to what ew1075 said. Each time, I have always waited exactly 7 business days before being approved. I'm not complaining though since their service is very reliable. Payment had always been paid on a Wednesday or a Saturday.


09-03-2007 15:36:53

I got approved and placed my order on flashipods today, will I be getting pay tomorrow?


09-03-2007 15:51:44

i don't know it took them 10 days to approve. put it approved thanks lol


09-03-2007 20:56:52

[quotea963c7958e="reggaeton"]I got approved and placed my order on flashipods today, will I be getting pay tomorrow?[/quotea963c7958e]

Yea im 99.9% sure you will get paid tomorw.