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05-03-2007 12:56:21

Ok, so Trainn didn't like me using my family as refs. They all have similar information (last names, location, etc.). So my refs had gone red, but I didn't get placed on hold. I just wanted to check and see what the general concensus would be here about weather or not I can get new refs and finish the site.

My account wansnt' placed on hold or anything so I figure that I shouldn't have a problem if I get new refs.

I opened a support ticket just to check. But in the mean time I'm going to get some more refs.

What are your thoughts.


05-03-2007 13:41:26

From a freebie site owner, it would look suspicious to where you were counseling them on how to complete the offers/sites/etc. (especially if they all have the same last name) But if none of them were from the same mailing address or IP address, I don't see what the problem is.

I would hope that Trainn would be understanding if you told them about it. But, I don't own a freebie site so I can't say anything but if you didn't break any of the terms and conditions and it's just your family's name that putting up a red flag, they should give you your referrals.


05-03-2007 13:44:02

They didn't. They said

The accounts have been closed as they do not appear to be unique as a result of being linked to accounts sharing multiple instances of similar information.

I guess because they are from the same area with the same last names and stuff. I dont' really care. I just want to make sure that I can still get new refs and complete the site.


05-03-2007 13:54:26

I'd wait for the official response from the support ticket, which generally comes quickly. But, if I were to offer my two cents, I would say that Trainn seems very respectable, and if your account wasn't placed on hold, then they would probably be more inclined to allow you to finish with new refs as opposed to some other sites.

Hopefully it works out the way you want it to.


07-03-2007 06:17:33

Got some good news today

[quoteb638fbd261="Trainn Customer Support"]
You are free to continue pursuing our site. You will not experience any additional penalty based on those other accounts.[/quoteb638fbd261]

Now i just need to wait for my refs to green.