account canceled?!?!

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04-03-2007 20:20:54

my account has been canceled as well.
and i tried to submit a support ticket/email...............but it wouldnt go through.
i have NOT been scamming people, i do NOT have duplicate accounts. my account is 100% legit as far as i know. i did an offer and got credit. i also had people sign up under me and receive credit. i'm clueless.

so if anyone from Traiin sees this, here goes.

I tried logging into my account today and it said my account was terminated for violating the terms and conditions.
Yet I didn't receive an email from you stating that it had been terminated or why.
Care to explain? I have no idea how I could have violated the terms and conditions.
Thank you.


04-03-2007 21:39:27

If your on hold on trainn you deff did something wrong /...i mean there network is not like everyone ones else


05-03-2007 05:38:43

well i have absolutely no idea.
i looked at my account on my work computer and my home one. maybe that's it.


05-03-2007 06:18:37

[quote17bc247f90="vdubgirl"]well i have absolutely no idea.
i looked at my account on my work computer and my home one. maybe that's it.[/quote17bc247f90]

Shouldn't be a problem as long as you didn't in any way work on the account from both places IE submit a support ticket, manual credit request, complete an offer, etc. Unless someone at your work is a ref of yours, then there may be a problem.

Send an email and ask. Include all your info to make sure they can look up your account.
You're probably gonna just have to wait for an email response to find out for sure.


05-03-2007 06:34:43

yeah usually with trainn if they put u on hold it is for a great reason


05-03-2007 06:34:59

i did all my work from my work comp and just tried to log in and check on it from home yesterday. that didn't work. and no one at work is a ref of mine and i doubt anyone else is doing the same site at work--no one's really into the free sites there.

i couldnt send an email. when i got the page that said i'd been terminated, it gave me fields to submit an email/support ticket, but i got an error when i tried to submit. which is why i posted here.

just re-read the Terms and Conditions....can't see where i could have gone wrong.

now speaking of 2 IP addresses, home and work......i am working on another site and i wanted to do a offer as my first one. that site is blocked from work (which is where i originally registered). so i went home and signed up for the offer.
is that violating the terms and conditions??? for the record, there is no one else in my household.


06-03-2007 08:25:39

They did the same for me, and haven't responded to me yet. I know for a fact that I didnt violate any terms (


06-03-2007 12:44:42

that sucks shawwtys i never had any problems in any of their sites, but most likely they did it for a good reason x


07-03-2007 10:20:43

Hopefully this will all settle out well. All of my experiences with Trainn have been good thus far and I'd hafta agree that if they put one's account on hold, it has to be for some good legit reason.