OFfer instant?? NOT TO ME

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03-03-2007 11:54:17

well i done that offer completed fully and everything downloaded that thing and oppedned it and now where is my points that offer says that it is instantly!!! and now i want to cancel my please!!! hlep!!! ? ?


03-03-2007 12:30:44

please help@!!!!!


03-03-2007 12:47:12

You can't just cancel right after you sign up. We don't talk about that on the forums and doing that is considered fraud and you will not get credit for doing the offer if you do that.

And sometimes offers dont' credit instantly all the time. you may even need to submit for a manual credit but if you are going to fraud the offer an cancel before you even try it forget about it. you shouldn't be doing freebie sites.


03-03-2007 13:15:24



03-03-2007 13:17:57