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02-03-2007 22:03:27

So, I signed up for a couple of trainn sites unreffered, but then realized that I could have signed up under somebody else and got a cool 20 or more dollars in the trading post. So my question is, can I make new accounts and do this? I havent completed any offers on my current accounts.



02-03-2007 22:05:09

I dont believe so. Im not sure if trainn would delete your account in order for you to start over, i would open a support ticket and check but DO NOT start another account or else you will go on hold.


02-03-2007 22:06:06

Thanks for the quick reply, I guess I will submit one and see what happens.


02-03-2007 22:08:22

[quote503c06c076="Mr_BlinG6969"]Thanks for the quick reply, I guess I will submit one and see what happens.[/quote503c06c076]

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03-03-2007 05:11:13

I think Trainn allows you to abandon this account and create a new account if you haven't done an offer yet. ?


03-03-2007 09:45:55

[quotedfced405e3]We do not delete or cancel accounts, however, as long as you have not actively pursued (completed an offer AND/OR obtained referrals on) the account, you may simply abandon the old account and create a new one.

FAST! Customer service. )