Another question about offers

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02-03-2007 14:40:13

I have a few questions to ask. One is I tried to complete and offer for Complete Home after I filled out the info the next page(confirmation Page) never loaded. I left it up for an hour and still nothing. I never received any emails from them either regarding my membership. Can I just try it again or will that screw up my account.

The second is the first offer I completed was for Buyers advantage. I completed that offer on 2-17-07 and got my confirmation email immediately then I also received my gift cards from them already but I still have not gotten credit for it yet. I already submitted a request but it doesn't look like the status has changed in 5 days. I just want to find out if I did something wrong so I do not do it again I am just waiting on these 2 offers to complete and I should be done. I have a few people waiting to see if this works for me then they want to sign up. So they are bugging me everyday lol. Well thanks for any insight you can give