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01-03-2007 13:49:01

One of my referrals signed up and completed an offer. The offer is showing up on their page, but not mine. They are listed as a referral on mine, but the offer hasn't credited for me. Anybody else have this problem before? I send a support ticket, how long until they usually take a look at those?


01-03-2007 13:50:03

is he or she completing points-based or refferal based?

if they did 1 offer of level B that's less than 50 points then it won't show up for you...


01-03-2007 14:12:06

It's listed at 95 points on flashipods4free, offer. is flashipods4free more points than the 50?


01-03-2007 14:14:41

don't know...

oh well maybe a support ticket is your answer ...


01-03-2007 14:32:55

If they are doing a points based system, sometimes it will not catch them as having completed an offer. It happened to me a little while back ... try having them switch their account to referrals, but make sure that they check to see that their offer requirement will be considered complete. If they see that, if they switch to a referral account it will pick up that they are green, and should reflect that on your account as well.

And I've personally noticed that support tickets are answered fast. I filed 2 yesterday and both were answered within 5 hours of me posting them.


01-03-2007 15:26:46

On the point requirements are 125 points.

It's still provides the same value as the other sites requiring 50 points, just a higher points per offer ratio. For example, Netflix is worth 125 points on (where 125 points are required to provide credit) whereas on all the other sites it is worth 50 points (where 50 points are required).