Trainn, tracking number question.

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27-02-2007 11:29:18

Allright, I just noticed my order has shipped and the page says, "Shipped via with tracking number 0", where 0 is a hyperlink back to the very same page. Is this a mistake or does Trainn do this when there is no tracking number for my package? And which carrier do they usually use? These questions concern 3604free. Thanks in advance for any help.


27-02-2007 11:43:10

Well trainn ships with amazon, so it would be whatever they use, which i think is ups. They may just not have a tracking number for it yet.


27-02-2007 12:33:05

same thing happened with me, the 0, mine was shipped standard mail


27-02-2007 13:14:29

Hmm this good to know, I jsut got notified today that my xbox 360 w/ 2 games jsut shipped so when I get a tracking number I'll know what's going on ^_^