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26-02-2007 08:47:09

1st, if I'm doing a site for paypal, are there any forms or anything to send in? 2nd, if I do multiple sites that add to over $600 (say I get $350 from 3604free and $375 from yourps34free) do I need a W-9? I know some sites add the seperate sites, while others don't. Any help is appreciated, thanks.


26-02-2007 09:20:20

nope no W9


26-02-2007 09:23:01

1. Not that I know of. When you complete the offer requirements and are approved, you should be able to submit for your gift (paypal) and just give them your paypal address.

2. Yes. If the total amount is over $600 for the network, then you'll have to file a W-9 with them. I'd heard that Trainn didn't require it, however, it is in their T&C.

Hope this clears the confusion.

[quotecc8d918c94="Trainn T&C"]IV. REWARDS
1. If participating in a referral based account, you are limited to one reward per account, however you may participate in as many offers as you wish, but please note, you may only receive one free item for a referral account. You may, however, obtain an unlimited amount when using the point method provided you have met the site requirements.

2. In the event of a product costing $600 or more, we are required by Federal Law to collect a complete a W9 form and report the gift value to the Internal Revenue Service. Failure to provide a completed form will result in forfeit of your gift and site credits. Please consult a local tax representative regarding any tax implications.

3. Rewards CANNOT be shipped to PO Boxes. In the event a PO Box address is provided, an order will be held until alternate shipping arrangements have been made.[/quotecc8d918c94]


26-02-2007 10:25:32

Also, theres no time limit on them is there?


26-02-2007 10:54:28

[quote0824e143dc="slambam"]Also, theres no time limit on them is there?[/quote0824e143dc]

Nope i believe that freegay is the only site with the 90 day policy.


26-02-2007 11:07:36

Sweetness, thanks for the info to who responded.