Problem with the gift I got. Cards are invalid. Please help!

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23-02-2007 14:36:33

I received my gift today from TRAINN. The gift was $500 walmart giftcards. In total I got 4 different cards. I wanted to check balance so I called Walmart and was told that each card was invalid. They told me to contact the person that bought the giftcards, so I am posting here in hope that someone from Trainn can help me with this ASAP. If any other users can provide any help, I would be greatly appreciate it.



23-02-2007 23:14:29

Well, that must suck...Never heard of such things like that.

Hope you can get it sorted out.


24-02-2007 02:33:22

Walmart Gift Cards over $250 have to be activated before being used. If you do not have the instructions that came with the cards, submit a support ticket or email us and we will get them activated for you.

[bc42f28c9b1]Edit Never mind. I see you did support a ticket and I have completed the activation process for you. [/bc42f28c9b1]

[quotec42f28c9b1]Thank you for requesting activation of your new Gift Card(s). Your cards will be activated within 6 hours.

Due to the large the number of cards you are trying to activate, it may take up to 6 hours to complete the activation. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-966-6546.[/quotec42f28c9b1]


24-02-2007 10:26:31

Ok I just called and they are still inactive. I am thinking its just a lag on Walmarts end so I will post back later on. Thanks for the quick response!