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20-02-2007 19:37:51

The referral system for trainn isn't down is it? I set up trades with two members today, one for youripodnano4free, and the other yourvideoipods4free, and both members claim they signed up, but neither of them appeared on my status pages as having even created an account.

Is anybody else having a problem with trainn, or was this just a coincidence?


20-02-2007 19:40:10

hey i had the same problem a week of the refs signed up, even completed the offer and got credit, but doesn't appear in my account ( which sucks for both --- but the others went fine since then.

oh and while i am still at it, can smting be done with such refs? or are they lost forever? cause my ref submitted a suport ticket, no reply yet


20-02-2007 19:40:30

One of my offers has not credited yet (nor have I heard from the offer site via email), and one of the people who is supposed to have gone green for me has not. So maybe they are having a little bit of technical difficulty.

Wish I knew more, but I think it is safe to say that it isn't just you.


21-02-2007 13:35:46

As long as the site can be reached, it will track referrals since it's built in to the core of the site and it (and everything related to it) hasn't been modified since August.

Once an account has been created, it is not possible to change the referrer, but if they [the referrals] have not completed an offer or obtained any referrals and don't show up on your account, they can just re-register using your link.



21-02-2007 23:16:00

Ok, one guy just made a mistake and sent me a PM that he meant to send another guy. He signed the next day through my link and greened right away.

The other guy said he didn't clear his cookies, so that might have been the problem there.


23-02-2007 15:32:55

I had someone sign up under me and claim they completed it. But they are not showing up under my referral page...


23-02-2007 16:01:37

[quote058a2ec38d="saczilla"]I had someone sign up under me and claim they completed it. But they are not showing up under my referral page...[/quote058a2ec38d]

Did they do a Level A offer or 50 points worth of Level B offers? Sometimes people think they have completed things, but really they have done an offer that is less that 50 points.

If they did do at least 50 points worth of offers, they could try switching their account from points to referrals. If it tells them that it will count them as having completed an offer, then when they switch, they will go green for you. It happened to me on 3604free. Maybe it will work for you, too.


23-02-2007 16:13:24

i had the same problem with 2 of my referrals a few weeks ago, they were noobs but i still think that they did it right.

I dont know what they did wrong.