Laptop Soon??

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08-02-2007 19:49:05

Anybody know if trainn is still working on a laptop site? I read somewhere on the forum that it was an idea. I was just wondering if it is still an idea or in progress or not going to happen.

I'm in desperate need of a new laptop and before I go buy one I wanted to see if trainn was going to be offering a laptop site anytime soon


09-02-2007 22:45:52

I'd like that idea to become a reality ^_^b


10-02-2007 07:45:41

yeah, me too! Although judging from the popularity of this post along with the fact that Alan made no comment. . . I dont' think it's going to be anytime soon.


10-02-2007 08:59:36

Hey you never know maybe they will


10-02-2007 09:27:45

[quotee83f76486e="gmario"]Hey you never know maybe they will[/quotee83f76486e]

Possibly, but I dont' think they are gonna be doing it soon. And my laptop is on it's last leg right now. I'm probably gonna order one sometime this week.

Unless for some reason I hear that Trainn is going to do a laptop site within a few weeks.


10-02-2007 09:30:09

Well, this post probably isn't very popular because it has happened about 4 times. That being said, TRAINN tries to keep their prizes below $600 to stay away from having us have to fill out W-9's. I can't blame them either...That would be a lot more work.


10-02-2007 10:37:40

Oh that makes sense.

If like 2 or 3 different sites are completed totaling over $600 in prizes we still have to complete a w-9 dont' we?


10-02-2007 10:41:35

Not on trainn but other networks yes


10-02-2007 10:48:27

That's awesome. I thought I'd have to wait forever and have to fill out a w-9 because I got way into trainn sites and I completed 3 in about a week and I'm waiting for one person to go green on another one. And I'm half way done with the yourps34free.

I'm excited for tomorrow. If the 5-7 day approval time is correct then I'll be able to order from flashipods4free tomorrow, yourfreeflatscreens on monday, and yournintendowii4free on tuesday.


10-02-2007 12:13:16

Yeh i completed a whole bunch on them and got approved and paid on the same day which was pretty cool, i completed all the trainn sites except for the 360 and went with paypal for all of them


10-02-2007 13:15:58

[quote58194e44a0="Tholek"] (Pretty please)

A site with those is under consideration.


I knew I saw that somewhere. So anybody know if that consideration has moved anywhere?