Trann cancled my account, it's a mistake. what gives Alan.

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08-02-2007 09:14:49

Well, I have been working on 3604free for nearly a year. I had 7 greens, and stepped away for nearly 9 months. Recently I got back into getting my last green. I had one person who signed up but never completed an offer, and another who completed an offer and went green. Though there is something suspicious about this person. She signed up with a different email than the one she said would sign up under. But I had all my greens none the less, and submitted for approval. Now today I find that I have violated their terms and conditions and for that my account has been closed.

I have one known scammer sign up and go red for me. I don't know whether this other person (talked about in the previous paragraph) is a scammer or not. Now my question is, can getting referrals from scammers get an account thrown out? Even so I wouldn't be given credit for their offers anyway.

On my part I have done nothing wrong. I only have one account with Trann, which is the 360, and I don't have multiple accounts within 360s. I completed my offers long ago, and are still green. The only thing that I can think of is, I might have signed up with 360's at my previous address. I moved in the process. I say "might" because I cannot check the dates because my account is closed. But I can't be held against that.

I know it's an error on Trann's part. What else can there be?

Edit I just noticed my hotmail account, which I used to sign up under, had been deactivated due to inactivity. Now I reactivated it. Could this be a reason?


08-02-2007 10:36:24

No personal questions dude.


08-02-2007 14:32:16

The questions I asked weren't really personal. I had asked was if one of my referals goes red in the process of approal, would that cause the account to be put on hold? I don't think so, but I just want to make sure. In the process if someone moves would that violate their terms? And what if the email account turns innactive?

I don't mean to disobey the rules set here, but am just trying to get some answers, while I wait for trann-support to reply back. I havn't put anything personal as an email address. If I cann't ask these simple questions, then what's the point of this subforum. Goalt about free stuff recieved and complain about Trann in general?


08-02-2007 17:08:46

he just doesnt feel like waiting for trainn to take 3 -4 days to answer a question when it only takes at the most 1-2 days on here.