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05-02-2007 13:22:52

I'm gearing up to submit an order on FlatScreens, and here is my dilemma

I really want an LCD Flat-Panel monitor, and this is the best way to get a super-expensive one, cheap. The problem? I live in an apartment building, and get worried when I get packages sent to me (as many people steal packages left at apartment doors, and my complex has had problems like this). Most of the time, my packages go to my parents house, since it's close by. This is the reason I almost always take PayPal cash.

My question is, do you have to have that product shipped to the address on your account only, or in certain instances like this, can it be shipped to another address? I know most sites are touchy about that, so that is why I was curious if that could work?

liI know I should throw in a support ticket, but as people said Trainn is slow at responding, I thought I'd ask someone one here... ) Any help is appreciated...


05-02-2007 13:27:32

I've had prizes from freepay sent to my parents house, when my dorm was the address for my account. I don't think it would be a problem?


05-02-2007 16:02:51

I just always use my parents address, when signing up. I'm not at my apartment enough to be sure I would ever receive it.


05-02-2007 16:31:26

Thanks for the info...

I'm probably just gonna take the cash, instead of worry about it.....

I can always get a flat panel sometime, somewhere )


05-02-2007 16:32:10

They just leave packages at your front door?!?!?! That's crazy why wouldnt they just leave a note so you can pick it up at the post office?


05-02-2007 16:37:17

Yea....Most carriers dump the package right to the door of our apartment, so if we're not home, the package is free game to anyone with no morals.....