Submitting for approval on a public computer

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04-02-2007 14:22:02

Ok so my computer at school is broken and I won't be going home for a few weeks. I'm anxious to submit for approval for my trainn sites. I was just wondering if it will mess anything up if I submit for approval on a public computer. I''m not doing any offers, or signing up, I'm just submitting for approval. And possibly ordering. Depending on how long before I go home.


04-02-2007 17:19:59

There's a possibility that it will affect you. You're not supposed to have another IP address connected to your account.

What I would do is email Trainn from your email address, not through a support ticket, and ask them there.


04-02-2007 17:24:21

is that a new policy of trainn's? One ip per account? What does that do to dialup people?


04-02-2007 17:59:15

No freebie site would have a policy of one IP per account -- that would be silly, and lead to DQ'ing virtually everybody that took more than a few days to finish a site and cash out. Multiple accounts per IP is what they're much more concerned about, and even that is going to become more legitimately possible as freebies become more popular and more users with dynamic IP's (99.9% of them) get into the scene. When your IP changes, somebody else gets your old one, and if they're into freebies...

To answer the OP's question it varies by site. Some are very anal about IP's, while others are more lax. To play it safe, you should e-mail support and open a ticket to ask. You don't want to go through all the time & effort to get enough referrals to place an order, only to go on hold because then.


04-02-2007 18:12:30

my last ref should go green opefully by tomorrow and I'll email trainn tomorrow and let everybody know what they have to say


05-02-2007 06:13:58

[quotee12c87ded2="trainn customer service"]Hello,

Thank you for contacting us!

As long as you would only be submitting your account for review and possibly placing your order from that location, it would not cause a problem.