Paypal Question

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03-02-2007 14:42:00

I submitted for approval for flashipods4free and earmarked $250 paypal. This is my first paypal that I am requesting. I was just wondering if you must have th paypal sent to the same email address as you signed up for the site with or if you can use a different email?


03-02-2007 17:59:49

you can send it to a different address.


03-02-2007 20:57:19

Once you are approved you can place your order and there is a "Notes" section where you can provide your PayPal email address.


04-02-2007 13:16:54

Does paypal account need to be verified.


04-02-2007 13:58:58

yes, i'm pretty sure your paypal account needs to be verified.