Question about referral going red (resubmitted for approval)

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26-01-2007 05:42:19

If a referral goes red, is it possible for them to do another offer so they could go back to green?

EDIT I got another referral to go green and now I've resubmitted for approval. Do I have to wait another 5-7 business days for approval?


26-01-2007 07:44:54

I would say no. If they have gone red then they are on hold for doing something wrong. I guess it would be an individual case by case.


26-01-2007 07:52:39

damn, thanks, now to look for a new ref...


26-01-2007 19:29:41

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27-01-2007 10:53:00

[quotee1d62379dc="MassiveDamage"]damn, thanks, now to look for a new ref...[/quotee1d62379dc]

ya it's a pain isn't it???