Please Help, not sure how to submit a no-credit report

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24-01-2007 13:10:18

I am working on a trade with someone and they told me to post to this forum for help. They let me know that I should submit a no-credit report but I can't figure out how to do it. I appreciate the help in advance.


24-01-2007 17:08:18

wher did you submit an offer? pm me


24-01-2007 21:26:12

The person you're trading with should help you with this instead of telling you to make a post about it.

Anyway, here's how (taken from website)
"Although most report without issue, occassionally an offer may not be reported to us. In the event this happens and you are sure you have met the listed requirements, we encourage you to file a missing credit request and we will attempt to verify the sign-up.

To file a missing credit request, please visit the "Account" page, scroll down to and click the "Click History" section.

Once on that page you will be able to initiate the missing credit request process by clicking on the "Request Credit" link."

You'll be asked to paste in the email from the offer and you'll have to include all headers. This is how you do it