Question about offers and their descriptions

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23-01-2007 22:53:04

So, since I'm Canadian I'm very limited on the offers I can do.
I had been planning on doing trimlife, but it has been removed for my location (directs to smily central now, bu it used to work before). I was trying to find another offer I could do, and ended up with a couple questions.

[b78e581d276]1) Advantage Language[/b78e581d276]
TOS says Canadians are allowed, but no provinces in the mailing list, only states. Has anyone ever put "City, Province" in the city field and put picked a random state? (I doubt this would work)
[b78e581d276]2) Feel Serenity[/b78e581d276] and [b78e581d276]Miracle Burn[/b78e581d276]
Both are open to Canadians, but the descriptions say [quote78e581d276]To receive credit, you must order the free trial[/quote78e581d276] although I can't find anything about a free trial on either site... only a 1 month order - am I missing something?

Anyway, I've tried Video Prof/Bellaplex/Cellederm already so I'm really struggling to find an offer I can do (need to complete a trade)


24-01-2007 17:10:55

Hey PM me I know a few sights you can do.