NO credit! WHY??? please Check Tranni

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21-01-2007 16:19:00

Both these guys did instants and di not get credit... can u check why plkz


21-01-2007 17:23:07

Sometimes it takes a while even for "instant" offers to credit. How long ago did your referrals do the offers?

You should have them submit a no-credit ticket once the 15 days is up, that's the official method to get this resolved. You aren't really allowed to discuss personal account questions here in the forums.

In addition, your referrals might not appreciate having their email addresses posted.


21-01-2007 17:49:56

ok.... all i need is 1 more



21-01-2007 18:36:40

they dont talk about personal account questions on forums. You can submit a no-credit report after 7 days.