Alan please respond!!

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21-01-2007 05:47:07

Alan, I have sent email to the support address as well as a PM to you on Friday which hasn't been opened. Here's my question.

I have 1 slot to finish on a site and someone willing to do it. Only problem is he signed up a while back but didn't finish the site - did no offers. I have his email address. Can you check it and see if you can transfer him to my ref #?


21-01-2007 06:43:23

They won't transfer him, but I belive that he can sign up again under you as long as he didn't do an offer on the old account. I know it used to be like that, but don't know about now so it'd be best to confirm it with Alan.


21-01-2007 06:57:57

I think DIABLO cover it ... ) you should do that.


21-01-2007 09:41:02

thats wat i am gonna do for video ipods