Missing Credit

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18-01-2007 22:41:42

I filed a Missing Credit Request fifteen days ago and it's status has not changed from "Received." I completed the offer as described and waited ten days to file my Request. When filing the Request, I DID include a full copy of the header from the confirmation e-mail that I received. I have now waited over two weeks since my Request(which makes a total of 24 days since I should have originally been credited) and still nothing has happened.

I tried using the Contact form rather than come here, but when I hit the Submit button, I get this "ERROR - not sent. Try again." The contact form has been doing this for about a week.

Please advise me on what I should do next.

Thanks in advance,


18-01-2007 23:10:08

Remember, MLK day was not a business day. You can contact Trainn through the email

contact [at] trainn [dot] org


19-01-2007 00:05:11

Thanks for the reply, Daggoth. I fired off an e-mail.. we'll see how far I get.


19-01-2007 13:05:00

I'm in the same problem right now. It did my purchase on Dec 14, and I'm still not being credited. Missing credit didn't work, and so I submitted a ticket (even though it's not meant for credit issues), to which they still haven't replied.
Hopefully they reply soon, otherwise I'll be emailing at that address too!


19-01-2007 13:49:53

I'm missing some credit as well, I hope Alan comes back to the forums!


19-01-2007 14:26:12

This might seem a bit premature, but here is an FYI the response time for the given email address is about par for trainn.. I have yet to receive any sort of reply.

Again, I know it is somewhat early to be making comments like that, but I just wanted to give others a heads-up to fire off the emails ASAP because there seems to be no real likelihood of an even semi-rapid response. cry


20-01-2007 14:58:06

I finally got the credit today. So, for all of you who have been waiting a few weeks, I suggest you contact trainn via that e-mail as I did. Thanks again, Daggoth.