Changing prize into cash insted

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14-01-2007 07:46:45

I recently completed the ps3 and wii train sites, i heard people saying they were gettin cash insted of the ps3 and wii since they were not in stock , i contacted them and saw it was possible to do that and they said no? has this happen to anyone else or just me


14-01-2007 18:47:52

u because i think u requested for a wii/ps3 not the cash option. they order teh systems based on wat u say.


14-01-2007 20:00:33

They offered that to users when the PS3's were in limited supply and it was an alternative to waiting months. Fortunately, they were able to get a lot and all Canadian 60GB's have been fulfilled, most of the US supply has been shipped and the 20GB's are taking a dent and are being fulfilled. That is why it isn't an option anymore.


15-01-2007 05:11:18

so what you guys are saying is that they now have enough wii, and ps3? to send out to every complete order? if so i guess i might as well take the systems