IF the new video iPod is released this Tuesday...

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06-01-2007 19:42:20

I'm sure most of you have heard about the Macworld Expo this Tuesday. If you haven't heard of them, it's where Steve Jobs likes to announce new Apple products. Anyway, as you could imagine, the rumors have started... the alleged 6th generation video iPod could be release THIS TUESDAY!!!

My question is for a Trainn rep. In the event that the iPod is released, will yourfreevideoipods.com be updated to offer the reward? See, I almost have all of my refs and figure I'll just hold out submitting my account until I find out what's gonna happen if the iPod is released.

Anybody have any ideas?


06-01-2007 20:25:52

You can submit for approval and wait until the iPods are updated to order. Approval takes 7 business days so you might as well get that out of the way.


06-01-2007 22:25:54

But I'm sure it will take a couple of extra refs. In the event that I needed more refs and they approved my account, would I have the opportunity to gather more?


06-01-2007 22:48:45

Are the new ipods for sure coming this tuesday? I just ordered one from a free site. (

...and yes Im pretty sure you can get more refs during and after approval.


07-01-2007 05:01:58

[quotee0cfc7dd3a="kidd2108"]Are the new ipods for sure coming this tuesday?[/quotee0cfc7dd3a]

No... they aren't coming out for sure, it is only a rumor. As I mentioned, at these Macworld Expos, they usually release new products from Apple... but I am not getting my hopes up. But, then again, another generation of iPods is due...


07-01-2007 06:09:34

anybody got the specs of this new ipod?


07-01-2007 08:23:36

[quote1c42fc2ae6="mpbollywoodking"]anybody got the specs of this new iPod?[/quote1c42fc2ae6]
It is rumored to be a full screen display with touch screen and the wheel and buttons displayed on the screen. But no one knows for sure.


07-01-2007 19:05:46



07-01-2007 19:33:00

A new site would be cool, but please also update yourfreevideoipods to reflect such an option... IF it is released. I just submitted my account today... 6 refs.


09-01-2007 10:23:30

I'm supposed to be getting the 80g ipod from myeasyfreebie sometime this week but I'm not planning on opening it untill after Thursday in case it reveals anything.


09-01-2007 12:07:07

They DO OWN YourFreeIphone.com


09-01-2007 17:02:55

They reavealed the iphone but its slated to come out as late as June so we gotta a wait for us to get a new site!


09-01-2007 18:41:48

How many refs you guys think for an iphone?


09-01-2007 19:15:48

4gb is 500 bucks and the 8gb is 600...So maybe about the same refs as the ps3 o


09-01-2007 19:19:09

new ipod????