Weres My Tracking Number?

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06-01-2007 06:04:57

Well basicaly i asked for a tracking number and they siad if its avaiblible it will be on the order status page. So my ipod shipped and on the order status page it said shipped via with tracking number. Does that mean there was a tracking number availible? Weres the tracking number?Whats going on?

and by the way beside the sentence "shipped via tracking number" is the number 0 and its a link but when i click it, it takes me to a blank page???

Anyone from trainn plz help cause i need to know when its coming????


06-01-2007 07:21:18

why don't you submit a support ticket asking for one?


06-01-2007 07:56:36

I did before it shiped they siad if its availible they will put it in the order status page. And they said they went through bestbuy.ca and they always give tracking numbers. Something is very fishy here


06-01-2007 08:10:44

Dude...you didn't get a tracking number, o well...your item is shipped that should be good enough.


06-01-2007 11:02:51

I need to know when its gonna come so i can be home to get it.


06-01-2007 23:08:36

what was funny for my nano was they posted the tracking number after the nano had gotten to my house. Not sure why but it was shipped from apple, not amazon...lol.